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    • B.1.1 Business planning and performance measurement
      Training aim: The course is designed to help managers develop strategic objectives and business plans for their companies. This course...
    • A.1.2 Work Planning Skill
      Training aim: To equip students with update knowledge of work planning; provide skills and techniques to effectively prepare and implement plan...
    • A.1.1 Leadership and management skills
      Training aim: To introduce knowledge and concepts in leadership and management in changing environment context. To provide techniques and skills to improve...
    • B.1.2 Marketing Fundamentals and Sales Management
      I. Training aim: This course is designed to help managers understand the basic concept of marketing and sale management, the cooperating...
    • A.1.5 Training management and development

      I. Training aim:

    • A.1.4 Organization analysis and development skills

      I. Training aim:A.1.3 Professional working Skill

      I.Training aim: